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Apple to come up with iJeans for iPhone 6 Plus

26, Sep 2014 By ndseth

California. Yesterday we reported that how a bend was noticed in Apple’s latest launch iPhone 6 plus and how has the industry reacted to this.

Reportedly Apple is of the opinion that an Apple product uses best glass as well best titanium body for all their product and only if a person wears “Tight Skinny” jeans and sits at a place for long hours having the phone in the pocket then only the bend will take place.

Apple counters all this criticism by announcing the Launch of  “iJeans”, a pair of jeans designed for iPhone 6 plus with deep pockets and made of aluminum to avoid the bend.

This will be a new segment that American giant plans to enter and claims, “If we are the best designers in the technology segment, then we will be aces in the fashion world also.” The range is expected to be above 100$ and the release will be next year. Samsung was not available for comments and Nokia wasn’t asked for any comment !