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Apple to accept kidneys as payment for the new iPhone 6

11, Sep 2014 By igybeck

In an unprecedented marketing move, Apple India has started accepting kidneys as payment for the upcoming iPhone 6.

Sources revealed that Apple in order to beat android devices in India has come up with this brilliant move orchestrated by the late Steve Jobs. “In the US there is a acute demand for kidneys whereas in India there is a demand for iPhone. We will collect the kidneys from India and ship it to china where the kidneys will be processed to meet the American quality standard,” said Apple spokesperson.

Bujju Babu who works at a call centre in Chennai added, “With my low salary of 10,000 pm it was always a distant dream to buy the iPhone. Now with this new offer I will get my dream iPhone. I can manage with one kidney. Its a win win situation for both of us.”

An Apple store executive added that he has been getting calls about the offer from interested parties and said the stores will be open 24 hours to meet the huge demand.

Traffic police have pitched in by creating green corridors surrounding the mall to facilitate quick movement of harvested kidneys.

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