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Apple recalls iPhones from users who didn't post their mirror selfie showing Apple's logo on social media

23, Jul 2016 By sameer mahawar

California. Fearing the loss of its brand value, the smartphone manufacturing company Apple is considering to recall its iPhones from customers who are reluctant to share their mirror selfies on Facebook.

Going as per the data, almost 99% of iPhone users post mirror selfies showing Apple’s logo at frequent intervals.

Its iPhone Selfie, where face is not so important but Apple logo is
Its iPhone Selfie, where face is not so important but Apple logo is

This is either done to make others sure that one really owns an iPhone or is done to garner more likes on photo updates which otherwise their face couldn’t get.

But there is one percent section which, according to market experts, is upfrontly misusing iPhone’s brand name by not flaunting it on social media.

Taking to the Brand Management Head of the company regarding the decision of recall to which she said, “Posting an iPhone selfie within two months of purchase is a customary practice. If not done, it brings bad luck, just like chain messages which aren’t forwarded. When a person purchases a Royal Enfield motorcycle, a trip to Leh-Ladakk is mandatory. Or when he purchases a DSLR camera, he must own a photography page on Facebook. Similarly, if someone purchases an iPhone, selfie must be posted without fail”.

“This negligence on their part isn’t tolerable and hence we have decided to recall phones from them which will be handed over to such users who are good at using washrooms as photoshoot places”, she added and went to washroom, maybe for taking selfies.

Buyers, who bartered their kidneys for iPhones, have started agitation against unenthusiastic users and are demanding ‘iPhone wapsi’ from them for acting as traitors to the Apple community.