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Apple launches iPad Air, which is 2 nanometer thinner than its predecessor

07, Nov 2013 By illusionist

It’s an age of nanotechnology so we are seeing changes in nanometers. As the name suggest the new iPad is even lighter than the air so the company is providing it with a string so that people can attach it to their neck so that it doesn’t fly off.

The company has added this feature to prevent smuggling of the iPad as one person trying to carry two iPad went out of the atmosphere and is currently orbiting the moon. The new iPad has also saved life of many people as once an airplane had a crash and it didn’t have enough parachute for all of its passenger so many people used it to safely land to the ground.

It is also having an app named ‘Gold Baba’ by which people can see live dreams of Sarkar Baba. Apple CEO Tim Cook said that it is the first tab in the market having an app with supernatural powers. He added that after having retina display in the previous versions they have reached to the limitations of human eye, so they have now nothing ordinary left to improve their product so they have decided to add some supernaturals power to the latest version.

He said that he felt the need of this app after seeing that gold digging was the most popular news all over India for weeks. Based on market analysis company has concluded that next generation is ‘Baba generation’ to they have decided to launch a tablet called babaPad which will feature both Nirmal Baba and Gold Baba.