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Apple deletes India from its Maps Application

15, Oct 2012 By Yours Truly

Users of Apple Maps application were shocked when they were not able to find India on in their maps. Initially they thought it was due to one of the many bugs that are present in the application. However, a press release from Apple Inc has clarified that non-visibility of India on its maps app has nothing to do with the thousands of bugs in its application.

The real reason for non-visibility is that the team at Apple Maps calculated that with the amount of complexities in the map of India, it would take them ages to be able to properly project the map on its app, hence they decided to discard it altogether.

Elaborating on the complexities issue, Apple has said that one of the biggest challenges with the Indian map is that there are so many disputed land. Take for example the state of Kashmir, while India stake claim on the entire region of Jammu and Kashmir there are parts which are being separately claimed by Pakistan and China. Apple has received several threats from militant organizations swearing to revenge any pictorial depiction of India’s ownership of disputed land.   Similarly some portions of north eastern part of India are also being simultaneously claimed by China. Apart from the border, another big challenge is getting the name of places within India correct.

Apple gave example of how they received an e-mail recently from a gentleman named Mr. R Vadra who claimed that a peice of land on the gurgaon-manesar road, that was being shown as a government hospital in the Maps app, actually belonged to him. The gentleman went on the threaten Apple with a law-suit if they did not change the name in its app. Apple further added that there has been a deluge of such e-mails each claiming ownership of land which belongs to the Indian Government as per their records.

Similarly the application designers where shocked with the number of M G Road, SV Road, SVP Road, LBS Road etc present throughout the country. They said their code were not able to differentiate between these roads and very often the server would just crash during a search on these roads.

The Indian government has expressed shock at this move by Apple to undermine India and people of India. In a statement issued to press the government has said that its has conveyed its protest to the American Consulate.  The statement say that “It is handy work of a foreign hand. Indians have been proud of its cultural diversity. For centuries we have not name our streets numerically. Great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi deserve more than just one road hence we have a MG Road in every state. Imagine calling “Chandni Chowk” as “Fifith Avenue”.

In a related development Union Minister Mr. Kapil Sibal has announced that very soon Aakash tablet will be pre-loaded with an authentic map of India. It will not only show the international borders correctly but will also show correct names of vacant government plots scattered across the country.