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Android app developed to predict AAP strategy

14, Jan 2014 By vijayv87

Bangalore. A software engineer from city has developed a new Android app specifically for AAP related news. The application is said to give future news/press release information related to AK and his co, while they were giving press conferences addressing current issues. This app uses the latest Naive Bayes’ predictive algorithm to deduce the actual effect of its leader’s current political statements. This algorithm will then modify their speech and release appropriate news so that it becomes relevant after a few days of the original news that was released.

Predictions truer than those done by Yogendra Yadav's internal surveys.
Predictions truer than those done by Yogendra Yadav’s internal surveys.

In his interview with the Faking News reporter, the aam software engineer told, “I could see a specific pattern in Shri AK’s speeches. I thought that by applying a set of rules, we can easily predict and give the actual news rather than reporting the news that would become irrelevant in two-three days. So I took samples from his pre-election speeches and applied the algorithm and predicted the post-elections outcome, which came to be true. It gave me immense confidence to release the ‘AAPka news’ app in the play store.”

Our reporter tested the app for the latest news regarding waiver for 10 month electricity bill for the defaulters. On the day of the first press conference the app processed the waiver news but instead posted the news that “Delhiites who have not paid their electricity bill for the past 10 months will have to do it as soon as possible to avoid fines and defaulters fee – Arvind Kejriwal…” It further elaborated that the decision on the amount of fine for the defaulters and electricity thieves will be decided after a referendum.

This app is already popular among the aam aadmis and has already crossed 100000 downloads in the play store. The developer is also planning to develop an app to predict ‘facts’ that would be told in Modi’s upcoming speeches.