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After partnering with Indian brands, now Sundar Pichai wants to start his own Indian smartphone company

04, Jul 2014 By MakaroV

Sundar Pichai at Google I/O 2014
Sundar Pichai at Google I/O 2014

This year, we have seen a lot shocking news in the smartphone world and the last was Goole’s partnership with Micromax, Karbonn and Spice to bring low cost Android smartphones to India, known as the Android One in this year’s Google I/O and the key person behind this idea was none other than an Indian guy who had still enough love left for his motherland and its people.

Yes we’re talking about Sundar Pichai, Senior Vice President at Google (Android, Chrome and Apps), who is now considered to be the second most important person at Google who is behind all the things coming ahead on Android and Chrome. Pichai is one of the most reliable and powerful executives now, and holds a degree from IIT, an MS from Stanford and also an MBA degree. He started his journey in Google 10 years back, when Orkut became live and in the past ten years he has worked on various projects like Google Toolbar, Google Desktop Search, Maps and Gmail, and now he is the Senior Vice president, ruling the world of Android, Chrome and Apps.

Here’s a remark about him, made by Google CEO Larry Page:

 Sundar has a talent for creating products that are technically excellent yet easy to use–and he loves a big bet. Take Chrome, for example. In 2008, people asked whether the world really needed another browser. Today Chrome has hundreds of millions of happy users and is growing fast thanks to its speed, simplicity and security. So while Andy’s a really hard act to follow, I know Sundar will do a tremendous job doubling down on Android as we work to push the ecosystem forward.

So, we already know that he’s extremely talented, and this year in the Google I/O, he couldn’t resist himself mentioning about India and its problems regarding the smartphone market as very few ordinary people can afford a smartphone and that’s why he introduced a new plan and tied up with Micromax, Karbonn and Spice to provide low cost Android smartphones, but looks like he’s not totally satisfied by all these things.

Now he aims even bigger, to start his own smartphone company which will make affordable smartphones exclusively for Indian people. We got this news from some of his Indian co-workers he is very close with. We talked with Mr. Vivek  Kumar Chauhan, who is currently working on Android L, with Pichai and he remarked that India is going to see a brand new smartphone manufacturer soon , gifted by Pichai, which will concentrate on making high quality smartphones according to the people’s needs and they will make it exclusively for Indian people- rough and tough as Nokia, powerful as Samsung and stylish as Xperia, but cost like feature phones. We are also happy and excited to know about this great thought made by some Indian executive, if Satya Nadella could think about that, now all Indian people would have been using genuine Microsoft Software instead of cracked versions and causing the loss of millions of dollars. And he is quite different from other IITian guys, has lots of innovative ideas, a clear view about the market and the consumer, and a person who stands by the people of his own country. According to the latest info we have got, this will start very soon and he’s planning to set everything up in Gujrat as it is a very suitable place for industry and he would also be able to provide jobs to many people in the production facility and research labs. So, there’s a chance that next year, we’ll see someone else talking about Android in the Google I/O, and a booming smartphone market in India competing and then probably defeating Micromax,Xiaomi and Xolo, which is now also concentrating on making Windows phones, which may cut some market shares from Android.