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After Microsoft acquisition, pirated Nokia phones to hit the market

03, Sep 2013 By Prateek Shah

Gaffar Market/Nehru Place, New Delhi : With Microsoft having taken over Nokia’s handset business, Indians are now waiting for pirated Nokia phones to hit the market, which they can buy at throwaway prices.

Nokia Shoes
Nokia was destined to go Microsoft way when such products were launched years ago

“As Indians, we’ve never bought anything from Microsoft, we’ve always used pirated versions of whatever they’ve produced. With Nokia getting acquired by them, we will stop buying original Nokia phones and wait for pirated ones to hit the market,” says computer geek AppSam Joshi.

Pirates of the Nehru Place association President Captain Jack Sharma said, “This news is a big boon for us in difficult economic times. With so many people switching to Macs, our windows piracy business had been suffering for sometime now. We now intend to build facilities to copy, clone and sell Nokia phones and make huge profits on them. We are confident of doing well since people have implicit faith on the pirated Microsoft market  here in India.”

Even though details of how these phones will be cloned are yet to be revealed, one thing is for sure, one must be sure before joining hands with Microsoft, for they seem to turn around the fortune of every company they get associated with.