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Adidas launches Protesting Shoes

29, Mar 2013 By Sahil Khurana

New Delhi: After someone threw a shoe at Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan, which missed the target again as was the case with earlier such incidents, shoe-manufacturing company Adidas has launched special shoes that will not miss the target.

In a press conference, Jootendra Das, India head of Adidas, launched new type of shoes. Jootendra said, “These shoes are perfect example of innovation! No one has even dared to think like his before, not even Arindam Chaudhury; we have made these shoes multipurpose, not just limited to walking and running.”

Protesting Shoes
Model displaying protesting shoes, it should be noted that emphasize here is on how hard it will hit, not on design. Genius.

Then he removed the cloth from the box and showed the world brand new ‘Protesting Shoes’. Reporters immediately understood what these shoes were, and started clapping.

These shoes are made for protesters all over the world. Jootendra explained, “With elections in India and Pakistan approaching, we believe that the trend started by Muntadhar al-Zaidi in Iraq after he threw shoe at George Bush, will be in vogue again.”

“Musharraf was targeted today, but the shoe missed again. And this is the main problem. We have solved these problem with two-steps. Firstly, we made our shoes really light, so there won’t be problem at aiming. Second step is really awesome! We have added sensors in our shoes. Suppose, today I want to throw shoe at Arnab Goswami, you all know even while sitting during a debate at his prime time show, he shifts his whole body sometimes towards right, sometimes towards left, now it will be very difficult for me to aim at him. But these shoes have in-built sensors, all I will have to do now is throw these shoes towards him, and they will hit him automatically,” he further explained.

Maybe for the first time, both BJP and Congress have welcomed the step. Both of them do not want these shoes to be launched in India.

“We welcome the innovation spearheaded by the Indian arm of a global brand. They should aim to go global and not be constrained by Indian market conditions. Therefore, we have banned these shoes in India,” Kapil Sibal informed, who was joined by BJP’s disputed leader L. K. Advani, one of the ‘survivors’ of shoeing.

When asked to comment, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said, “These special shoes may also miss the target and fall on ground, but my government will not fall.”

(reporter tweets here: @sahilkhurana_)