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Actual cost of Mangalyaan was Rs. 3.50/km, not Rs. 7/km, find out how

01, Oct 2014 By DarrKeAage

Mars. Feku Chand is the man who drove off India’s Mars mission, Mangalyaan, to the Mars. While talking to our reporter he has revealed that the cost of the whole mission was not Rs. 7.0/km as it has been circulating in media for past few days. The actual cost was only Rs. 3.50/km.

Mr. ChorRasia interviewing Mr. Feku
Mr. ChorRasia interviewing Mr. Feku

Feku Chand used to drive auto-rickshaw, earlier in Pune and then shifted to Bangalore. It is to be noted that when he reached the orbit of Mars, our reporters Mr. Deepak ChorRasia and Mr. Ved Pratap Vaidik were already waiting there for him. It is still not clear to us how they managed to reach there with the crew.

Meanwhile talking to the reporters after reaching there Mr. Feku told our reporters that one way charge for the trip should have been half of what he charged. But since he would have to return empty he charged the Govt of India, double the actual charge. And that is how it became Rs. 7/km, while it should have been only Rs. 3.50/km. He said us that he has not been able to leave his habit of asking of return fare no matter where he goes. He said he used to do same whenever he drove auto-rickshaw.

Our reporters asked Feku to drop them back to earth while returning. Mr. Deepak and Vaidik promised to share the fare. It is expected that now the overall expense will come down drastically as it will be shared among 3 people. It might come down to approx Rs. 4/km now.