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AAP launches new software to find corrupt people

09, Apr 2014 By DIGVIJAY PATIL

To give boost to the election campaign, Aam Aadmi Party has come up with mind-blowing software named as political sixth sense. This software is inspired from Pranav Mistery’s (MIT Scholar) sixth sense, but AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal told that it was his idea to make such software and filled a RTI against Pranav.

This software can identify corrupt people. Not only this, it can also give criminal records, cases filed against that person, even over speeding charges. So everyone now fears to face Arvind Kejriwal. Our topmost sources said that, even Kejriwal is afraid to stand in front of mirror wearing this software.

Features of this software include: 1) You can dial emergency helpline number (which is not working from last 3 years) by keypad on your palm.

2) You can do sting operation by secret video recording.

3) It contains lie detector. It goes red every time Kejriwal coughs. Also you can have experience of Sach ka Saamna with Kejri. (Rajeev Khandelwal must be very unhappy, because that show was only way of income. He is planning to complain against Kejriwal to Lokpal )

Khaap phanchayat supported that software but don’t want Kejriwal to use against them. Aghories didn’t have any idea what is going on, but they supported him as they don’t have anything to hide.

‘This software is not secular as it is showing most of the corrupt people from minority community’, Diggi Raja said to our senior correspondent in grief.

Rahul baba is happy with this software as he can watch Chota Bhim live show in-between any rally but giving serious look at public event he told that, ‘this software is of no use as it is not able to estimate Jupiter’s escape velocity.” “Rahul baba can wake-up at night, he has anti ageing formula, and he can empower any women that come in his way. Kejriwal is jelouse of Rahul baba’s super natural powers. So he comes up with this bullshit software. This is big conspiracy theory”, Rajeev Shukla added in anguish.

This comment war reached to its peak when Dr. Subramaniam Swami tweeted on micro blogging site that, ‘this software should used against Muslims.’ Rajnath Singh kept mum after Swami’s comment as he is contesting from Lukhnow.