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Yuvraj and Dhoni emotionally blackmailed by Sri Lankans to lose T20 WC final

10, Apr 2014 By Vikram

Indian Cricket Team fans were shocked to see such a low score i.e. 130 runs given as target to be chased by Sri Lanka in T20 World Cup Final on 6th, April 2014.

Everybody was thinking that how could Indian Cricket Team give such a low target? When the same team had won each and every match till finals with superb balling, fielding  as well as batting performance and could even make a score of 176 just in 19.1 overs to win against South Africa in Semi-Finals. The mystery behind such strange match performance was unveiled due to an Indian Cricket Team fan, whom Yuvraj Singh admitted, that the match was fixed by him and MS Dhoni.

An Indian Cricket Team fan named Gappi Das, who was present among the audience in the ICC T20 World Cup Final Match held at Shere Bangla National Stadium, Dhaka was very upset to see India losing due to such poor performance of Indian Cricket Team. He couldn’t accept the situation and in aggression stood up suddenly from the seat to move out of stadium during the post match presentation and as soon as trophy was given to Sri Lanka, he saw tears in eyes of Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni hugging him to give him courage to face the situation. But tears of Yuvraj were not stopping and he was saying something to Dhoni in a way that nobody else could listen or notice.  Gappi Das was surprised to find such strange behavior of Yuvraj, talking secretly to Dhoni away from all team players. Gappi Das immediately felt, that the conversation in them was about something that was done intentionally to make Sri Lanka win the final match. He without wasting a moment rushed to them i.e. Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni crossing all security hurdles silently and with tears in his eyes and said to Yuvraj – “तुम्हे इस देश की मिटटी का वास्ता है , सच बताओ तुमने यह मैच क्यों गवई?”

For a moment both, Yuvraj and Dhoni got silent but after a minute Yuvraj Singh taking long breathe admitted to Gappi Das that Sri Lanka won the match due to match fixing. Dhoni continuing to Yuvraj’s reply said that they both were emotionally blackmailed.

On asking the exact details, it was came to known that team Sri Lanka was greatly worried and upset since Mahela Jayawardena and Kumar Sangakkara would be playing the ICC World Twenty20 2014 as their last association with the shortest format of the game at the international level. They knew winning India was almost impossible. They couldn’t understand how to give these both retiring players a winning goodbye. But when match got delayed due to weather they got some to hope see Lasith Malinga in dressing room walking to Jayawardena and Sangakkara saying- “Let’s talk this to Indian Team about our situation, Indians are kind and big hearted people.”

Later, Lasith Malinga along with Mahela Jayawardena and  Kumar Sangakkara went towards the dressing room of Indian Cricket Team. They found only Yuvraj and Dhoni since rest of players were enjoying the weather outside. Eyes of Sangakkara and Jayawardena were already with tears. Looking to which Yuvraj asked- “Hey what’s the matter man?”. Malinga explained the entire situation to Yuvraj and Dhoni, taking 10 minutes. Yuvraj after Malinga’s explanation said- “So what could we do about that? It’s your problem. You need to make efforts to win and give these retiring players a winning goodbye!”. Dhoni agreeing to Yuvraj said-” Absolutely, it should be your duty to play well and defeat us in match. Why are you here?”. Malinga said-” We admit our defeat before match infront of you. Everyone knows we can’t defeat Indian Cricket Team. Moreover players like Yuvraj who can make India win 2 worldcups how could we face such great team? If you don’t help us to win we won’t be able to give a winning goodbye to these (Malinga pointing hand to Jayawardena and Sangakkara) retiring players.”

Yuvraj got emotional to see tears in eyes of Sangakkara and Jayawardena. He said to Dhoni – ” देख यार कितने उदास है यह लोग! कुछ मदद कर देते है”. Dhoni said immediately- ” No, we can’t help!”. Malinga to Dhoni’s answer said- ” You already won the real trophy by winning match by 7 wickets on March 21, 2014 against Pakistan. Indians are always known for their kind heart since ancient time. Shri Ram would have included Lanka in their Kingdom after Ravan’s Death but he didn’t do so! Infact he gave it to Vibhishan. When your God can give entire Lanka to Vibhishan why can’t you give us just a small trophy of worldcup just once. Being a captain of Indian Cricket Team you have already experienced the moment of giving a winning goodbye to your past team player and Cricket God- Sachin Tendulkar. Just remember that moment had consider my situation as a captain of Sri Lanka Cricket team.” By this Dhoni too got emotional and immediately hugged Malinga saying we would help you so that you can happily say goodbye to your retiring players.

Yuvraj admitted that initially he wasted the balls intentionally and then Dhoni was not giving strike to Virat. They both said they were in “धर्म संकट ” in which one side it was to prove the image of Indians who are kind heart since ancient time and on other side a world cup trophy. They came to such decision by thinking that world cup trophy may come again later anytime but the lost image of Indians can never be again.

Gappi Das also got tears in eyes after knowing the mystery and pat shoulders of Dhoni and Yuvraj saying ” तुम्ही हो सच्चे हिन्दुस्तानी, मुझे गर्वे है की, मेरे हिंदुस्तान में आज भी तुम्हारे जैसे लोग है “