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"You will hear from our Lawyers", Sachin fans tell Ravi Shastri

04, Nov 2013 By abhijeet10

In an unfortunate spur of the moment during 7th ODI when Ravi Shastri made an factually incorrect statement about ‘Rohit Sharma being the 3rd human to have scored 200 runs in an ODI game has not gone well with master blaster Sachin’s followers. They are suspecting a strategic plan to belittle and relegate Sachin’s stature by putting him with the leagues of human beings just before the God of Cricket is about to retire after playing his 200th test against West Indies.

Sachin’s fans felt that those words for Sachin were insensitive and blasphemous.  One of the fan who came forward on the condition of not disclosing his identity told us that this is not new even when Sachin scored his 200 runs in ODI in Gwalior and Ravi said “Sachin is the first human to do it on the planet and he is the superman from India” we gave him a benefit of doubt as we were dancing on aisle and overwhelmed. Comparing him with Superman was still OK as Superman is above human beings and possess inhuman capabilities (though nowhere close to God of Cricket – Sachin Tendulkar)

We know how Ravi Shastri’s metaphors are so cheesy that even our grandma’s can predict what he his about to comment next such as –

1. That went like a tracer bullet

2 That’s what the Doctor ordered for India

3. This game will go down to wire

4 At the end Cricket is the winner

The problem with Ravi Shastri over the years has been that whatever he comments can quickly turn into his habit and those blasphemous words can become another metaphor for generations to come. As even BCCI don’t have control over what he gibber while holding the microphone on his hands hence they have left if alone with his microphone. If it was Sidhu we would have overlooked as most of us avoid watching cricket when he is on air and certainly switch off our TV sets when it is Rameez Raja trying to amuse us because cricket and sense take the back seats when they are on air.  But with Ravi Shastri we cant take that chance, hence we have decided to send him notice and appointed a lawyer to take this forward.

Sachin’s close aid also told us that Sachin is not too happy with what is happening around in cricket these days. As so many records are broken in every ODI being played. He thinks this is concerning him and his legacy which he will leave behind. He is someone who has stands / pavilions named after him while he is still playing but cant accept the fact that his records are broken while he is verge of retiring. This is a grave concern and he is losing sleep over this which is even affecting  Arjun Tendulkar who might not pursue cricket for a while and instead focus on his studies as per Sachin’s close aid.

Sachin also told his closest aid off the record that announcing the fact that his records can be broken by Virats and Rohits has unnecessarily inspired them and they have taken it too seriously too quickly. “Otherwise after getting Virat out there was no need for Rohit to score 200 today just out of guilt because this happens all the time in cricket. No big of deal” Sachin Said.

This young breed has of also created concerns for BCCI and cricket association of Kolkata and Mumbai as they have been working relentlessly to make Sachin’s farewell a life time event. But considering the fact that if records keep breaking at such pace Sachin might deliberate his decision of bidding adieu to the game he has taken birth for.

Not further distracting from the unfortunate event i.e. blasphemous comments from Ravi Shastri on God of Cricket will take a centre stage in coming few days while Sachin’s fan will propose MCA a lifetime ban for Ravi Shastri.  Will it happen or not only determination of Sachin’s fan and their efforts will tell in the time to come.