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Yograj singh buys all Maggi Packs in Chandigarh to gift Rohit Sharma

26, May 2015 By iamsanjeevgoyal

Itni Shiddat se Maine Maggi paane ki koshish ki hai...
Itni Shiddat se Maine Maggi paane ki koshish ki hai…

Chandigarh.After the Rohit Sharma led Mumbai Indians thrashed Chennai Super Kings(Read Dhoni‘s Team) on Sunday,It surely was an amazing moment for Ambanis but there was one Rockstar in Chandigarh who was the World’s Happiest man at that moment,It was none other than Mr. Yograj Singh.But right after the match he was spotted on streets of Chandigarh buying Maggi Packs in Bulk and shortly bought each and every single piece of Maggi in the town,After watching his awkward behaviour,we sent our Reporter to Interview Mr. Yograj Singh.

Reporter: Hello Sir,You are looking so happy.

Yograj Singh: Yes,I am very happy as Mumbai Indians has beaten CSK in the IPL 2015 final.

Reporter: Ok,But why have you bought all the Maggi Packs in the whole Chandigarh?

Yograj Singh: Oh,those i bought for my boy Rohit Sharma,you know how much he loves Maggi.

Reporter: For Rohit Sharma? But Why?

Yograj Singh: IDIOT,Don’t you know? He played a match winning innings in the Final and was Man of the Match.He was the reason behind the disappointed face of Dhoni in Presentation.He has won my Heart.

Reporter: Sorry sir,How much have you spent on the Maggi Packs?

Yograj Singh: I think about 16 Lakhs

Reporter: Hmm 16,doesn’t that sound familiar Sirrrr?

Yograj Sir: Ruk B*%$#@^D

*After this Yograj Singh ran behind our Reporter speaking some really nice words*