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Yogi Adityanath reaches Melbourne to perform forceful Ghar Wapsi of World Cup Trophy

28, Mar 2015 By fakedust

A day after Faking News exclusively reported the Congress always-speaking-spokesperson Digvijay Singh blaming Ghar Wapsi for the loss of India in the Semis, the father of Ghar Wapsi, Yogi Adityanath came forward to defend it as a good dad. And that too by actions and not by mere words.

Respected Yogiji has reached MCG to perform Ghar Wapsi of the World Cup trophy as soon as Australia or New Zealand ‘unlawfully’ converts it in the finals.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 trophy
Will Get It Back!

“The world cup truly belongs to us,” said Yogiji, “We lost it only because of some of the teams which lost to us in the early stages in the World Cup, thereby ‘converting’ our average team into the best looking side. People don’t understand at all, that was actually ‘Lose Jihad’.”

When asked why he took so long to respond to Digvijay’s remarks, he gave due credits to his Air India flight which reached Australia after a record 48 hours delay. While waiting for the flight to actually arrive at the New Delhi Airport, he was seen taking tips from PM (read Prime Minister, not Project Manager) about performing at onsite.

Subramanian Swamy instantly tweeted, “Australia and New Zealand are certainly a part of Akhand Bharat. Whichever team wins, the trophy belongs to us anyhow. So it deserves a Ghar Wapsi to the left over Bharat.”

This tweet was followed by the #Won’tGiveItBack hashtag, making him the only Indian who has used it after the Semi final.

To quote a senior RSS functionary, “Yes, cricket is a religion and like every other religion, it has also originated from Hindutva.”

When asked about the future goals, Yogiji revealed that he is planning the Ghar Wapsi of Rahul Baba to India. In a very humorous style, Yogiji claimed, “I don’t know who you are, but I will find you and make you return home.”