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WTA orders drug test on Maria Sharapova after her claim of not knowing Sachin Tendulkar

04, Jul 2014 By dasu

WADA and WTA have ordered drug test on Maria Sharapova after she claimed that she didn’t know who was Tendulkar. Even WHO has recommended kids not to eat sugarpova candy till they test it thoroughly in their own lab. Mahesh Bhat who is known for his intellectual comments on anything under the sun, realized why Alia is so dumb. She used to regularly eat sugarpova candies.

Sachin Tendulkar is not really shocked to hear this. Though many felt he is playing for too long, he knew playing cricket even for 25 years cannot be compared to playing a popular sport like football and tennis. In YouTube Rooney’s only world cup goal has more hits than all his hundred centuries have got in total. This is the precise reason he is moving away from cricket and started promoting football by buying an Indian super league club.

BCCI is really upset with this development. Ravi Shastri who is head of many committees wants apex body to take a stand against it. Ravi feels if Sachin’s effort is not credited, then who else in cricket. Nikhil Chopra who is known for his ‘expert’ comments on the game is really worried. Nikhil remembers in flashback mode that his test playing career lasted less than the number of days RGV KI AAG movie was at the theater. He feels even his family will not recognize him as a cricketer and BCCI might forget he was an ex-cricketer. BCCI has suggested King Khan to stop promoting Tag Heur brand which is promoted by Maria also. In addition BCCI will give 1 million rupees as special cash prize for anyone who defeats Sharapova.

Sharapova fan club which has many youngsters of Indian origin has not taken lightly to this. They feel Sharapova is unfairly targeted. They feel Indian media which is not getting much news after Arvind Kejriwal has gone silent is unnecessarily highlighting this which should not have got this much attention in first place.