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Wrong target was the reason for the semi final loss: Dhoni

27, Mar 2015 By Lord'sMaster

Sydney: Various reasons have been proposed, analyzed, attributed, 8-panelled discussion overruled by India’s best anchor and #hashtagged for India’s semi-final loss to Australia in the World Cup. However, the main cause for the loss came to the flood light in the post match press conference.

Dhoni addressing press conference after semi final
Dhoni addressing press conference after semi final

When queried about why his usual stretch-it-to-the-end strategy did not click, Dhoni replied,”Well of course, it is a well tested strategy and I was sure it will work this time too. Unfortunately, I had a slight error of judgment. Every team needs to undergo some mind-freeze in the knockout stage. The South Africa set the trend but did not execute as per their original plan very well when they lost in a relatively dignified manner. So maybe the responsibility came upon us. As usual I tried to keep till the end.”

Further he adds, “The only mistake was that we had faith in reaching the finals. So I thought that there is one more match left to win the world cup. I forgot that this is the semifinal and only by winning this we could reach the finals. “

When asked if he regrets the wrong calculation, in his usual unruffled demeanor, he replied, “Anyway, we are in good form and we will ensure not to loose in the actual finals coming up in India.”