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Wrist work of batsman Steven Smith gets him sequel of the song "Chitthiyan Kalaiyaan"

21, Apr 2015 By ankush3

IPL Team Rajasthan Royals batsman Steven Smith has been roped in to feature in the sequel of the song “Chitthiyan Kalaiyaan” composed by  so called “original” musicians, Meet Brothers.

The creative team of T-series has made this decision after undergoing a lot of brain storming and if sources are to be believed , this step has been taken to recover losses incurred from the movie “ROY”.

There are also rumors going around that the original choice for this was again Jacqueline Fernandez but she backed off at the last moment. According to the rumors ,Sequel Specialist Jacqueline  ( Race 2 , Houseful 2, Murder 2 ) was on top of the world when she was approached for this project  but she turned down the offer after consulting this with her mentor Salman Khan.

Smith celebrating the news

But when our reporters approached composer of song  Meet Brothers and T-Series, they turned down all the speculations. One of the T-Series’s marketing genius said, “Steven Smith was always our first choice for this project. Jacqueline was never part of it. In fact there was no plan of releasing and investing on the sequel of the song . But after watching Steven Smith’s batting in the IPL and specially his use of wrists while playing shots, we thought of this awesome idea and immediately contacted  the white-Australian batsman.”

Our reporters were satisfied with the logical response from T-Series and as they were leaving T-Series’ office, that marketing genius stopped them forcefully and again started to justify their decision.

“If you see, there is no better choice than Steven Smith for this song. The way he uses his supple wrists to play his shots on on-side from the line of off-stump is undeniably best and completely justify the lyrics of the song,” further he complaints that “There is lot going with women empowerment, but nobody is thinking of wrist empowerment. Since long people have objectified wrists as  a body part for wearing bangles, bracelets, rakhis and now a days wearing choodhas after marriage. Rest of the world objectify wrists just for silting in case of suicides.”

“The presence of Steve Smith in the music video is our step forward to initiate wrist empowerment movement is our country,”he concluded, and also went on saying that Steven Smith’s skin color is an added advantage to us and completely go with lyrics of the song.

After  this news was issued by T-Series publicly, several social activists started protest outside T-Series office blaming them for their racist behavior and for hurting sentiments of a common Indian. However, most of the social activists left the place after 1 PM in the afternoon to avoid skin tanning.

When asked whether a male artist will be able to uphold the female-centric lyrics of the song, music composers MEET BROS replied, “We have decided that we will not make Steven Smith understand the lyrics of the song. We will just shoot video with Steve in which cameraman will focus on his wrists and later the song will be added on top of it.”

On asking whether there will be any creative changes in the song musically , they replied “No comments” and warned us to not to ask irrelevant questions.