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Will IPL7 move to SA? What is the problem if it does?

20, Feb 2014 By Lord'sMaster

The IPL and the BCCI administrator, along with the team owners are in serious and continuous discussions behind closed doors. They are waiting for responses from the Union Home Ministry on the possibilities of ensuring a smooth IPL season 7 in India in April/May/June.

Due to the foggy situation in the Indian political climate, it has been difficult to predict if the IPL-7 will be able to take off properly on schedule.

Stakes are high
Stakes are high

A spokesperson for IPL mentioned that they  have taken adequate steps themselves to reduce the demand for security from the Home Ministry.

“We have not included Pakistan cricketers, so that should already take care of some security aspects, like having just minimal or no security around the pitches. We have also increased the number of cheerleaders by placing them all along the boundary. This will make the unruly fans from throwing any object into the ground. The fans will be more concerned about injuries to the cheerleaders. Further, every section of the spectator will have some cheerleaders in near vicinity, so they can focus more on the performance without much distraction”, he explained.

The franchisees too seem to be concerned about the possibility of the event moving to South Africa this year. The fact that only 4 foreign players can play in a match, coupled with India team performance overseas in the recent times seem to be the reason for the concern. So, it is more or less an Indian team on each side in each match, but with much more inexperienced players who are going to play in South Africa. This will surely reduce the quality of each match, which in turn impacts the main reason for the event: revenue the joy of cricket. This reporter tried to get the opinions from the franchisee owners when they came out for a break.

An unidentified speaker for CSK, who frequently checked that his name tag was hidden to ensure that his name or designation does not get revealed, said, “As we have seen in the recent IPL overseas series, I mean, Indian overseas series in South Africa and NZ, the Indian players have not been performing well in those pitches. We have invested in Suresh Raina and Ravindra Jadeja but have lost the likes of Morkel and Hussey”, and before this reporter could interrupt, he added with a sigh, “yeah, yeah.. please don’t mention about him. Thank God, we didn’t get Ishant as well. Anyway, looking at the positives, Brendon McCullum has been given adequate warm up, so that should help us.”

As Faking News reporter walked away, this person called and emphasized, “Hullo sir, I am not a team official. I am just, eh… a representative.”

The spokesperson for RCB was difficult to talk to, as he was busy on the phone. An assistant explained, “We are busy trying to book the best cheerleaders and the best spots for the after-match parties. The team is anyway taken care of, why else do you think we spent 14 crores? Please come back later. We are a bit busy. We plan well ahead to manage our funds. We always believe in paying folks well so that they always have the Good Times.”

Shahrukh Khan was busy talking to Juhi Chawla and Priety Zinta. He said,  “BCCI is trying to get big players to promote that IPL is still clean. I thought we could add our own contribution. I am thinking of traveling ahead of the event, if it happens to get shifted, and having my event, probably called ‘IPL reloaded’ ”.

When asked about the concerns that other teams were mentioning, he explained, “Our captain and our key player Yusuf Pathan do not have any mentionable match practice, let alone practice in conditions abroad. It is a concern. But we have K..K..K..Kallis!,” and he proceeded to do a dance movement.

Reports from our London correspondent: We caught up with Shilpa Shetty who seemed tense. Her immediate response was, “There seems to be a lot of speculation. But, NO, there was no fixing… ”.

When the reporter explained further the purpose of the question, she clarified, “Of course, I meant that the schedule is not yet fixed. I am anxious. I am actively following news updates on the net. It is confusing  as there are many conflicting updates”, and she proceeded to refresh the FakingNews page on her phone seriously.

Meanwhile, Arnab Goswami has planned to question the IPL, BCCI, Home Ministry, the Umpires, and all the players in his panel discussion. Tonight he is expected to question in his usual humble manner, “The nation wants to know, the whole world wants to know, and you have to answer this! WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO IPL THIS YEAR??? ”