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Why India lost to Australia in semis: An analysis

26, Mar 2015 By rofl gujju

After a lot of hue and cry, FN has finally managed to get the insights and rationale of India’s strategic lost to Australia. As per the FN – Mody post match analysis, these are the reasons for losing the Semi final.

India vs Australia in semifinal
India vs Australia in semifinal

Decline in GDP: Due to Sick leaves taken by the workforce all over India, Indian GDP lost 0.5% in a day, victory will lead to India in finals and there is chances to more decrease in economy on 29th and unnecessary celebration expanses.

Ghar Wapsi: The Government in power has been pressurizing the BCCI to adopt the “Ghar Wapsi” program. The BCCI has been resisting for more than 10 weeks. It is now in no more position to resist pressure.

Media away from AAP: AAP not giving any news to media since last 10 days to discuss. This has declined media’s asset. Hence, to retain the growth of Indian media, it’ necessary for Team India to loose the match.

New IPL Season: The IPL 8 is all set to start in the next week. If India plays final,the batsman would not be able to devote more time for the rigorous practice for the IPL .

The Failure of the NH-10: The epic failure of  Anushka Sharma’s new release, NH-10 has demoralized Team India.