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West Indies wanted to catch "direct flight in 1 hour" soon after New Zealand innings

21, Mar 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Wellington, New Zealand: In what is being regarded as an example of undeterred faith in one’s own failure, it has now come to light that the West Indies cricket team had decided to pack the bags even before they attempted to chase their target.

“West Indies team, in a hurry to go home.”

Surprised by the decision of West Indies team, our reporters at Wellington managed to speak to Darren Sammy about it. Darren appeared to be in a hurry and as he was arranging back his laundry back into the luggage.

“Folks, I really don’t have time for this. All I can say is we have a direct flight in 1 hour to Port-Au-Prince. We cannot manage to miss that. If we miss it, we would have to change three flights to reach home. There is no point in staying back at the hotel as we’ve got a bigger challenge at our home country  – to start protesting outside WCB office for our 2013 salaries which we haven’t yet received,” he said.

Sources said that after ICC warned the West Indian team, and some Indian commentators warned that they will be termed “bhagoda” and had to face protests from aam aadmi of West Indian nations, the team changed their plans and decided to lose the match in a respectable manner.