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Wenger plays down pushing Mourinho, calls it an act of love

08, Oct 2014 By sharankukreja

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger played down the spat he had with Chelsea Jose Mourinho over the touch-line during Sundays fixture at Stamford Bridge which led to Wenger going and pushing Mourinho in his technical area.

Speaking to faking news, Wenger first said that he did not see the incident, only to later realize that he was the one doing the pushing, so he couldn’t have possibly seen the incident himself and then went on to say it was something that was bound to happen. “Its been a while I have been thinking of doing that. You know, pushing another manager at the touch-line. I can see why Alan Pardew gets a kick out of it.” Wenger went on to say “All this time people have doubted that I am a man. My mother tells me I can’t stand up for myself and also nicknamed me ‘pussy’ when I was a kid. Pushing Mourinho was just an act of love.”

When questioned whether it was a reaction because Mourinho had labeled him a ‘specialist in failure’ last season, Wenger went on to say “I won a trophy after ten seasons of celebrating 4th place in the league every year. I am a winner now.” When asked about his sides loss to Chelsea by two goals over the weekend, Wenger first claimed that he did not see the match but then it dawned on him that his answer was inappropriate. Wenger went on to say “We had the most shots on goal, more possession and we played better than Chelsea. So why would you bother about goals.” When informed that Arsenal had just one shot on target and that too in the last four minutes of the game, Wenger said “Chelsea have bought well. They have used their financial power well. We have on the on the other hand very selectively bought shit.”

Mourinho on the other hand played down the spat with Wenger over the touch-line. “It’s the heat of the moment. He has been in heat for a long time” Mourinho said. He further went on to add “After the game we spoke and drank wine. Unfortunately it was a very bad bottle of wine and he was complaining.” After reminding Mourinho that this was his quote after the match against Manchester United years ago, Mourinho was quick to respond “Oh yeah! That’s right, it was Sir Alex who was complaining. He said the wine was as bad as Arsene Wenger as a manager.”

Mourinho was then asked what he told Wenger when Wenger pushed him in his technical area, Mourinho said “So I just told him to leave my technical area and don’t come back till you win the Champions league please. Also, I told him not to wink at me with his tongue sticking out. I do not like it.”

The two sides will meet at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium end of April next year, Wenger said “The title will be decided for us by then. However we will be in contention for fourth place.” Wenger did at the end of the interview wink at our male news correspondent and did stick his tongue out as well.