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"We lost to reinstate the Idea of India and to avoid any riots" - Dhoni

27, Mar 2015 By manithan

Sydney: In an exclusive interview to Faking News, Dhoni has revealed that the Indian team deliberately lost the Semifinals against Australia to respect the Idea of India and to tone down the virulent nationalism prevailing in the home country.

After the match loss, we met the Indian Cricket team captain MS Dhoni near his hotel room. Though he was wiping his tears, on seeing us, he gave us the usual smile and agreed for a short interview.

During the course of interview, we showed this pic of Dhoni crying to him, asking whether he is really crying. He smiled and said,
During the course of interview, we showed this pic of Dhoni crying to him, asking whether he is really crying. He smiled and said, “I didn’t cry. My eyes were sweating.”

Faking News Reporter (FNR): Sorry Dhoni. It was heavy loss.

MS Dhoni (MSD): Yeah. The boys played well…during the net practice.

FNR: Why did you allow Virat Kohli to bowl, all of a sudden?

MSD: It has something to do with Anushka Sharma. The day before, she mocked at Kohli to perform better than NH10. I suggested him to bowl beyond 10th over. Virat Kohli bowled an over and Anushka was completely bowled over. Bad thing is Kohli also did NH10 – Not Hit 10.

FNR: Were you equipped enough during the match to meet sledging of Johnson?

MSD: That was easily dealt with! Actually, we should had been more careful about edging of Kohli & Raina.

FNR: What do you think about the poor strike rate of Rahane?

MSD: It was a simple case of miscommunication. I asked him for two runs (Rahane Dho) and he might have heard it as stay there (Rehne Dho).

FNR: But tell me, MSD, did you really saw yourself losing this game?

MSD: Yes. We actually played to lose.

FNR: What??!??

MSD: Yes! We read in one newspaper that why Indian team should lose. The points they had mentioned in that article were scary. They had told that India is on the brink of communal riots, in case, if Indian team wins. Now tell me, do we need to win to lose so many lives? What is the use of winning world cup, if our victory translates to riots and rampages across India? What is the use of Victory of India when it damages the Idea of India? That is why, we already had decided to lose the Semifinals. We would have lost in Quarterfinals itself, but our defeat would have resulted in communal Hindus to target innocent Bangladeshi immigrants. But, we don’t have much Australians in India right. So, we chose to lose in Semifinals.

Saying this, Dhoni left the place for his room. We were frozen in shock realizing how much the growth of Hindu males is proving detrimental to the growth of Idea of India.