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Was always by my brother’s side, even during Wimbledon, ad shoots and mall openings: Sachin Tendulkar

11, Aug 2014 By Golden Tooth

For the last few days Sachin Tendulkar has been under fire for having attended just three Rajya sabha sessions in last 2 years.  Breaking his silence, Sachin Tendulkar today said “My elder brother underwent bypass surgery and I had to be by his side. I don’t disrespect any institution”.

On his statement Faking News Reporter, Bedhadak asked, “Sir if you were busy with your brother’s treatment than how could you have spared time for Wimbledon, Ad shoots, Award ceremonies  and mall openings, especially the one in Vijaywada last week”. The batting maestro solemnly replied, “See Wimbledon is a big tournament, so it should be a matter of pride for an Indian to be a chief guest over there. Ad shoots are my prior commitments. And as far as the mall opening is concerned, see the owner of the mall has spent 125 Crores on that and if I inaugurate that it will be good for me country as it boost business. Everything I do, I do it for my country”

Unmatched commitment
Unmatched commitment

The Faking news Reporter again questioned, “Sir, but what about your commitment to be by your brother’s side?”

To which the epitome of honesty, Sachin replied “I took his permission of my brother’s for every event that I would go. If he was asleep or unconscious I would send a message to him. In fact to be very honest I was always by his side through Skype on Airtel 3G via my Samsung Galaxy Grand phone. And tell you what, the Airtel 3G is so fast and Display of Samsung is so good that I never thought I was physically away for him. Be it Wimbledon or Ad shoots or the mall openings, I was in contact with him this way.“

“Ajit bhai didn’t marry for the sake of my career, I am sure he could adjust a bit more,” an emotional Sachin further added.

When asked if he would attend sessions in future Sachin said, “I am fully committed to my sponsors country. I know my beginning in national politics has been as bad as my beginning was in the national cricket. I know my current form attendance is poor. But then, all through my life I have been in pursuit of 100 and made my countrymen happy and at times desperate for that. No wonder I have to chase 100[%] again, that’s it”.

Before anybody could ask more questions Sachin left quickly citing an urgent function at Antilia.