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Virat takes marriage with sportsman spirit

30, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Cricketer Virat Kohli’s spirited statement in regard to the special moment of the marriage came with sportsman spirit. He seemed to have declared to all the bachelors anywhere, everywhere about the importance of wedding. They should not shy away from this vital social need. Though this remains a union between two persons, it gives the feeling of macro society. Those who are thinking of tying the nuptial knots should initiate it without an iota of fear as was forcefully indicated by the famed player.

He has certainly not escaped from marriage vows as he spent money on his marriage ceremony. He has faced the feat of marrying with his long-time girlfriend, actress Anushka Sharma like the fast ball usually thrown by the fast bowler on the cricket pitch. He was now back focussing on the cricket because the game of cricket runs into his blood. He has accepted this reality. Although his South Africa tour was being carded as the stiffest challenge for the youthful captain yet he was determined and firm to Cross the Rubicon. What is it before marriage, the toughest challenge of life? He might have considered so in various ways. His ideas reflected what he did mean.

Making his points clear he said that he was away for something which was much more important. Switching back to the cricket was not that much difficult at all. That was a cause and this was going to be a fight on the cricket ground in South Africa. He even tolerated his criticism in the completion of saat phera ceremonies in Tuscany. So, he was able to concentrate his bodily energies upon the challenges of those much-advertised game of cricket through which he has earned name and fame. He would have considered enough what his sporting skills mean to him.