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Virat misunderstood as Sachin until he uttered those holy words 'MC BC' instead of 'Aila'

14, Jan 2014 By Swami Gornab - Faking Now

It was yet another shameful day in South Africa when India was again playing a Test Match to lose. This match was not scheduled but was organized on request of BCCI President Sharad Pawar as he was bored of too much Kaplilism and Siddhuism on Colors.

Coming back to the match, India was 0/2 when the crowd was all shattered and bored seeing South African bowlers making Indian batsmen do Jhingalala. As always, it was time for the master blaster to come to the crease. Hey, wait, he retired from tests after his 200th test. However, it seems the crowd totally forgot this and started enchanting “Sachinnn, Sachinnn” on arrival of the fourth batsman to the crease. Everyone was excited and eager to see the master blaster hammer the South African bowlers.

The roar of the crowed soared higher and higher when the batsman reached his crease. It seemed that he was feeling a lot uncomfortable with the roar. The South Africans were laughing and the commentators confused. Suddenly the microphone uttered the holy words “MC BC”. Unfortunately it was connected to the loudspeakers in the stadium, again on request of Sharad Pawar. A wave of silence spread across the stadium as everyone expected “Aila” instead. Not even a single person in the stadium could control his laughter except for parents accompanied with small children who were asking the meaning of “MC BC” to their parents making them feel embarrassed and irritated at the same time (Indians you know).

So, there was our very young lad, Virat. After a few minutes, the game continued and Virat did the honors of doing Jhingalala and the score reached yet another heights of 0/3. He was walking towards the pavilion and this time however, the crowd roared “Kohliiii, Kohliiii”. However, some sections of the crowd was more eager enchanting the holy words heard on the microphone “MC, BC, MC, BC”