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Virat Kohli Sacked as RCB Captain after Anushka's flawless performance at IPL2015

08, Apr 2015 By eggwithoutyolk

In an expected turn of events, Virat Kohli was sacked as RCB skipper after Anushka Sharma put up a flawless performance at the IPL 2015 opening ceremony. According to the sources close to RCB, the team management was startled to see Anushka perform so well at the ceremony where the maggie man tumbled on his way to stage and even the generally “Wow” Saif Ali Khan struggled as emcee.

Post the SWOT analysis of Anushka’s performance carried out by the laid off marketing team of Kingfisher, it was concluded that the RCB skipper was continuously monitoring Anushka’s rehearsals on Hotstar even when he was in the nets staring at Gautam Gambhir. Anushka Sharma has reluctantly confirmed the sacking of her boy friend as the RCB skipper and expressed gratitude towards KRK for signing the couple for a romantic comedy also featuring Ranveer Singh. According to a close friend of Virat, Virat was visibly upset about the news breaking into the media on Ranveer singh’s casting in their upcoming movie.

Virat Kohli is believed to have got in touch with Rahul Gandhi to seek his advice on how to go on holiday without the media getting to know about it. It was also learnt that Rahul Gandhi has come forward to help Virat by advising him to empower his “Woman” to decide the vacation and thus help RCB do well in IPL.

The reaction of the owner Mr. Vijay Mallya is still awaited as he was unavailable because of the year end review of the Calendar girls in RCB’s office. Follow me on twitter @rishiway2go.