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Vinay Kumar to consult Ishant Sharma after the Bangalore Diwali Dhamaka

06, Nov 2013 By ppanchap

Bangalore:A visibly upset Vinay Kumar even though India ended up winning the match and the series in Bangalore on Saturday 2nd November 2013, said he would consult Ishant Sharma regarding his bowling. The media was curious as to why he would want to consult Ishant who was dropped recently for leaking runs.

Ishant Sharma
Pro at handling assualts.

When questioned, Vinay Kumar said, that the new ICC rules favour the batsmen and bowling is becoming increasingly difficult. He feels bowlers don’t have a choice but to get hit. He even consulted a lot of bowling coaches around the world with little success. The old timers are not used to the new rule changes and hence are not able to provide valuable assistance. The new crop of bowlers just don’t know how to handle this. He felt that the contest was not even between bat and ball any more, especially with boundaries shrinking like the middle class bank balance and pitches being as flat as a pancake.

When questioned more as to how Ishant would help his cause, he replied “Ishant has been around for quite some time now. He has consistently leaked runs and managed to handle the pressure put by the Captain, Selectors and of course media”. This, Vinay Kumar feels is a very important quality a new generation bowler must have. He smirked and said “getting hit around the park is inevitable but how you handle the situation after getting hit is what the bowlers need to learn and who better than Ishant to coach us on this”. Also he feels he should grow long hair like Ishant  which will help him cover his face every time he gets hit for a six. Further, Vinay Kumar did note that Ishant was able to please the selectors and has been selected for the upcoming West Indies tour of India. Ishant who was tired after a gruesome practice session was unavailable for comments.

When asked about what changes Vinay Kumar would like to see in ODI rules, he mentioned “cricket should follow something similar to American Football. (Though he is not sure as to why they call it football). In American Football, the offense and defense are a separate set of 11 players who take the field. Similarly in cricket, each team shall have 11 batsmen who bat and 10 bowlers plus 1 wicket keeper who field, in which case the burden on bowlers will reduce”. He felt,  with 10 bowlers in a team, each  bowler need not bowl more than 5 overs and chances of getting hit for 100 runs are pretty bleak.(Though he din’t sound confident when he said that).

In all he felt that there was a need for a major overhaul of the current ODI rules which is necessary to prevent other bowlers (read as Ishant) from breaking his record.