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Vinay Kumar says record for double century still open

05, Nov 2013 By khaliphokut

Bangalore: In the post match conference after winning the series decider, Vinay Kumar, having stolen the limelight away from double centurion Rohit Sharma, was sent forth by the team management.

A reporter fired the question straight away, “How does it feel to be the first Indian bowler to score a century in ODI?”

Vinay Kumar being new at the press conference crease missed the sarcasm in the question and answered with utmost pride at his achievement. “It’s hard to put it in words. I always had the belief in my abilities. I was…have been trying very hard since I have become part of the Indian team. Though it was never on my mind to reach century but I always wanted to put in. ….contribute as much as I can so that it gives our batting heroes the opportunity to score as many and have there faces pasted on the front of all newspapers. But credit goes to Dhoni bhai….”

On being interrupted and reminded that Indians had already batted and it was Australia who was chasing,  Vinay Kumar had this to say. “Well, of course…I was aware of that…but you have to give your best no matter what the conditions are. In fact, I was taking inspiration from  Dhoni bhai and wanted to take the match to the last over…”

By now a reporter had lost his cool. “But the way you were bowling, if you had been allowed to complete your quota overs, the match would have finished much earlier”. Vinay Kumar having been hit for seven sixes off his nine overs was calm like he had seen it all. “See, we were missing Ishant Sharma, so there was extra burden of responsibility on me, being the next most senior fast bowler. I would have done it (taken the match to the last over) had Sir Ravindra Jadeja not played a spoilsport.” The reporters were left stunned as if someone had cast a spell of ‘Stupify’ on them.

A young correspondent seized the opportunity. “What did Ishant Sharma had to say after this achievement of yours?”. Vinay Kumar broke it into an uncontrollable laugh. “He he he….He was pretty pissed off since he believed that this record was his for the taking considering the ominous form he was in and with Dhoni bhai’s hand over his head. Credit goes to Dhoni bhai for seeing the talent in me and persisting with me. Besides the record for double century is still open. I’m sure it will give us that extra motivation and lead to healthy competetion within the team”.

None of the reporters had got any appetite left for further questions.