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Vijay Mallya to be a part of Michael Schumacher’s Pit Crew

26, Sep 2012 By ControlZ

UB Group Chairman and owner of Formula 1 Team Force India, Dr. Vijay Mallya, has won the Airtel contest and will have a chance to be a part of Michael Schumacher’s pit crew.

This contest was running since a long time, where people had to call up Michael Schumacher and request him to be a part of his pit crew. The contest wasn’t easy to win, as people had to first find what Michael Schumacher’s mobile number is.

“There were many entries that we had received, which included one from superstar KRK” said Chairman of Bharti Airtel. He added “We had short listed KRK’s entry, but he backed out at the last minute.”

We contacted KRK as to why he backed out of this contest. He said “What nonsense! I thought I could meet Brad Pitt here, so that I could sign him for Deshdrohi 2. I don’t want to be a part of anyone’s garage! I have a bigger garage than this!”

We reached out to the legend Michael Schumacher himself. This is what he had to say.

“My phone rang, and these days I pick my phone within a single ring, as even I am annoyed with my ringtone. Just when I answered the call, the person on the other end asked me if I were Michael Schumacher. I said yes. He said, hey I’m Sid, Sid Mallya! I was totally surprised. He told me that his dad wants to be a part of my Pit Crew. I agreed immediately, like I do in those advertisements!”

Sources say that it has been Vijay Mallya’s dream to be a part of Mercedes’ Pit crew.

But, there are speculations that he might want a permanent job in the Pit Crew, considering his airline losses and Force India’s poor performance.

Meanwhile, the big hearted, Michael Schumacher has decided to gift Vijay Mallya a Mercedes SLK 350. He said jokingly “Hope he doesn’t try to evade taxes and later sell it off!”

In turn, Vijay Mallya has decided to gift 40% of Kingfisher Airlines’ shares to Michael Schumacher.

Schumacher has not been available for any comments since then.