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Vijay Mallya finally reveals the actual reason behind changing Force India's name

30, Jun 2017 By wewuzkangs

In a surprising turn of events, Vijay Mallya has candidly confessed the motivation behind changing the name of the Formula One team he owns. When asked about it earlier, the message sent across to the public was about improving sponsorship opportunities.

Mallya seems all geared up!
Mallya loves this #Notinmyname outrage

However, when egged on by the relentless blitzkrieg of questions by some passionate Indian journos, he attributed his surprising decision to remove the word India due to government pressure. The regime wants to make sure the country’s name is not used in any connection with a ‘fugitive’ and have threatened defamation of state charges.

The Attorney General,sources claim was asked by the government to convey the message in this regards to Mr.Mallya. On being asked about this incident he declined to comment on the motive. Although the sources say the govt has taken inspiration from unexpected quarters, namely the #NotInMyName campaign.

Mr.Mallya revealed he was touched by the campaign #NotInmyName in a deep sense. Having been in touch with the Lutyens journalists’ machinery about their plans to protest against the current Indian government,it struck a familiar cord with him as he feels he too has been wronged by the country. However, he was taken aback by the campaign coming to affect him too,in this fashion,when he received communication from India,which is best explained in a brief albeit catchy phrase, “Not in my name!”