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UNESCO awards Virat Kohli Most Charitable person for saving TV sets in Pakistan.

19, Jun 2017 By Velawrites

Somewhere in Alien-Land: World renowned organization for awarding UNESCO, Which has earlier given awards to India’s National Anthem, National Song, National Prime Minister, President, and what not, has decided to take their work a step further. Today they have decided to award Virat Kohli for the loss against Pakistan.

This respectable gesture was shown by VK after receiving this award.
This respectable gesture was shown by VK after receiving this award.

The award for most charitable person, as the organization informs, is given to person who goes out of his duty lines to fulfill the wishes of poor and needy. On 4th of this month, when India beat Pakistan thousands of television sets in community centers(the only areas presumably in pakistan’s where TV sets are found, were broken).

Angered at the loss of their property every time India plays Pakistan, the managers of these places had written an emotional letter to Indian team to avoid the watershed beating. Mr. Jaleel Ahmad of Pakistan TV breaking fund informed us “Pakistan was running short of TV sets to break.

We urge Mr. Kohli and his men to have some mercy and give us some time to get TV sets before you beat them next”.

As it is understood, this letter moved Kohli to the core who also understood that next time India will play Pakistan will be in World Cup 2019. By then, Pakistan would have acquired enough TV sets to again start the routine of breaking.

But, was this the reason for India loosing the match?

You never know; however, UNESCO considers that it was pre decided by Virat and Indian team to only beat them once the poor country has acquired enough funds to buy those TV sets.

After the notification, Officials from Pakistan lended their backing  to this announcement to award Virat.

They are also contemplating to give their highest peace prize to Virat Kohli for understanding the sentiments of poor Pakistanis.

We, as Indian Fans of Cricket and Virat, still back our team. No matter if you win or lose, we support our team. We know, they will be back pretty soon.