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Under peer pressure person starts watching English Premier League

19, Aug 2013 By Gaurav Mittal

Most of our professional and career decisions are guided by Peer-Pressure and in office it has the ability to take multiple forms. This time it has forced an IT employee to start watching Football matches though he has no interest in the beautiful game.

Isn't this cool?
Isn’t this cool?

Vivek, an employee in a big IT company in India and a big cricket fan has started watching English Premier League (EPL) from this season as he was under tremendous peer pressure in his office. He has many colleagues in his team including his boss who regularly watch Football matches and spend considerable time in office discussing about those matches. During such conversations Vivek used to feel like an idiot while those discussing Football would feel superior and more skilled at work .

Vivek’s boss who hails from West Bengal takes great pride in knowing about Football clubs and likes people who can discuss Football with him.

One of Vivek’s teammate told Faking News on the condition of anonymity, “Actually Vivek is watching EPL just to impress the boss so that he can get a good appraisal. Though our boss has never played Football in his life but is quite crazy about Football. Those who discusses Football with him during appraisal meetings end up getting a good hike”.

Vivek’s boss is quite strict about office timings and wants his team to be in office by 8 AM but if somebody is late because he was watching an EPL match the previous night then that is accepted as a genuine reason. The boss himself comes after lunch during such days. Also, it is not easy to make him fool as he himself watches all matches and can randomly ask anyone any question about the match.

Vivek said, “There was pressure from all sides. Office was one thing but in general I was feeling less ‘cool’ because I was not following Football matches and clubs. On Facebook I would constantly see my friends getting hyper about Barcelona, Messi, ManU and Mohan Bagan. Friends who have done MBA would often discuss deal sizes and value of money for players”

He further added, “Even my female friends would consider those guys who watch Football more sophisticated than those who watches cricket. Everyone in India knows about cricket but knowing about Football gives you some kind of competitive advantage”

Vivek has bought Football clubs merchandise too and he is planning to wear a Football club T-shirt every Friday. He has changed the cover photo of his Facebook page to Diego Maradona and has written ‘An ardent fan of the beautiful game. Sachin Maradona is my God‘ in his twitter bio. He has also subscribed to ESPN Football email newsletter and has downloaded ‘FIFA 2013’ game on his computer.

When this report was being written, Vivek was in the process of deciding the Football club he will become a fan of and would support.