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UK to abolish title of 'Sir', India led by BCCI to intervene

18, Jan 2013 By bhatiakshay

Sensing lack of respect for the title of ‘Sir’ and with the decline in popularity of the title, English government has decided to abolish the title of ‘Sir’.

Breaking the news, their spokesperson said, “Yes this is true. We have decided to discontinue the title of ‘Sir’. This is not an emotional decision, rather this decision has been taken after lot of consideration and deliberation .We sensed that certain people were putting a blot on the title.”

When asked by this reporter whether this had to do something with Ravindra Jadeja, he declined to comment.

“Who are we to comment on Sir Ravindra Jadeja? He is a legend in making.”The reporter was surprised by the affixing of Sir before the cricketer’s name by the British spokesperson.

This press release has garnered strong criticism from Indians.

BCCI strongly opposed this decision: “How can they do this? ‘Sir’ is no longer just a title under British copyright. It is a mark of respect, which comes only after dedicated efforts. Like a Bournville, it is not something which you can buy.You have to earn it. You must be aware of the struggle which our Sir Ravindra Jadeja had to undergo for this title. He had to face bashing from everybody- fellow countrymen, selectors, Raina’s nephew and even from the talented Rohit Sharma, but still it was the love for sir that he was able to gain the title of Sir. Now you will see how the popularity of Ravindra Jadeja sours on Facebook and this will be enough to send a strong signal to the Englishmen”.

This analyst confirms the above speculation of BCCI. Ever since the news has broken out, Sir Ravindra Jadeja’s fan page has received enormous response. The number of likes on his fan page has increase massively from 850 likes to 852 likes with majority likes coming from Saurashtra region.

Digvijay Singh was also stunned by the British statement. When asked about his opinion on the issue he replied “ We had already applied for designation of Sir to be given to Rahul Baba.He has been a real youth leader for the last 40 years with a massive fan following .We will ask British Government to reconsider their decision or may be give one last “Sir” designation”.

Arnab Goswami from ‘Times Now’ has also taken a strong note of this.He released a press statement “Your channel has taken a strong note of this news. We will no longer remain silent on this dented and painted remark. We will deliver justice in today’s special Newshour show”. Fearing that they may have to face lot of bashing, majority of the international political leaders have put on their ‘Out of Office’ replies in order to avoid coming on the show.

Pakistan’s Hina Rabbani also had a view on this British statement.She said that this shows that India is a war-mongering nation and asked UN to intervene on the Kashmir Issue.