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TV News Channels and FIFA

20, Jun 2014 By khakshar

Praia Vermelha Beach



With the FIFA World Cup football 2014 entering the exciting phase of elimination and qualification, can India be left behind? It’s another matter of fact that India was participating in World cup of it’s national game which may have led to less focus on the beautiful game.

Much has been written about the pure love of our politicians towards the Copa . Ranging from MLAs from Goa,  “White and Blue Kolkata -in support of Argentina” and Laloo’s Russia -2018 FIFA dreams have hogged the limelight during recent times. Film stars have done their bit to grab the camera in their own way. Even real estate sharks have capitalized with some honing roles of Football experts. Some of the have even innovative marketing strategies of one “Invertor Free” with each self-goal. Miles of columns have been written about some Cafe at Rio.

The TV news channels were aghast at the sudden drop in their viewership in the first week of the mega event. The news anchors who dominated the political chit-chat before the General Elections were taken aback with sudden rise in popularity of the game. However they are coming to their own steadily and contemplate regaining their top spot of viewership soon. Many different strategies have been adapted by these wise men and women.

One of the pioneer TV channels has more stories on Wags than the football itself. It’s ploy nearly  backfired with the “Wags rich’ Espanol  loosing it’s sheen. It has still CR-7 , Wags, ex-wags and their ex to showcase for. Another TV News channel has fallen back to “Paul the Oracle” look alike humans. These Humans do predict not only about the goals but also about calf, shin , ankle and knee of players. Some channels have Geographical experts as panelist who have been heavily dosed with history of previous World Cups.

One famous TV news channel has made Colombia it’s favorite. Readers must not confuse it with their Love of Football or the cool stuff from Colombia. The real reason behind is the beautiful ladies who come to support Colombia and the channels’ chances of picking up a upcoming Miss World. One should remember that Colombia has a lion’s share in Beauty Pageants over the years. The reporting crew of some TV channels are covering CopaCabana ,Ipanema beaches for signs of any politician , businessman or bureaucrat.

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