Wednesday, 21st February, 2018

"Was trying to PayTM": Virat Kohli on getting Hit-wicket

13, Nov 2016 By punvendra

The best person to handle pressure under any conditions ended up falling for the current environment of country. After playing a composed inning of 40 from 95 Balls in match against England, Virat Saroj (Nayi Soch) got out in a silly fashion. On being asked about the dismissal during press conference, Virat said that as soon as he saw PayTM tag on the wickets, being a instinctive guy he felt the urge to express himself. Therefore, he followed his instincts and ended up clicking on PayTM.

He said that he was already working on changing his old habits of using cash even before the government announced Demonetization. But after government started implementing, he felt responsible as a role model to lead this transition by advocating for PayTM.

Kohli was explaining himself in media because just after he got out, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal had tweeted, “PayTM biggest beneficiary of this wicket, even more than England. Whats the Deal, Mr Kohli?”.

Now, before Arvind Kejriwal thinks that this post is also sponsored by PayTM, we urge Vijay Shekhar Sharma CEO PayTM to actually sponsor us so that we can PayTM our fake journalists. So fake that they were watching test match and noticed that Virat’s foot hit PayTM logo on wicket.