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To increase viewership, instead of IPL matches TV Channels to show pretty girls in stadium for three hours

25, May 2014 By manithan

Mumbai: Ever since its inception, Indian Premier League (IPL) has caught the dream of every young Indian, every other investor and almost all international cricketers.

And not to mention, the glamor in this format of Cricket. Aside from post-match parties and cheerleaders, the camera zoomed into the pretty faces of young girls who often would blink in uncertainty for first few seconds, then wave or cry with hands over their mouth, depending on their reaction skill.

Sidhu's commentary:
Sidhu’s commentary: “Aasman mein karodo taare hain, par is ladki ke daanth ke aage woh bhi haare hain“. Ravi Shastri’s commentary: “That girl’s face went into my heart like a tracer bullet”

At first, the focus on pretty girls were done between the innings. Then, the youthful cameraman started panning the crowd for girls during strategic timeouts too. And, recently, for every fall of wicket and every delay in the pitch, the camera automatically zooms into the girls in the stands.

Taking into mind the reception from TV Channel viewers and male spectators in the audience alike, Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) have decided to revolutionise the format of the game.

Speaking to the media, IPL Chairman, Ranjit Biswas said, “We changed Test matches to One day format, then to T20 format. But, still the spectators wanted more masala. We all know from the commercials that youth , who happen to be our core audience, likes to hear commentary via phone and most of employed youth takes note of match progress via Cricinfo. Also, the frenzy and hysteria which was usually associated with IPL has gone down too low this year. In order to get back our lost youth and to re-emerge as the strongest entertainment force in India, we have decided to change our format again. “

He continued, “Effective IPL8, we are going to broadcast the girls who are in the stands for the three hours, with strategic timeouts, where we will show the cute kids and other monkeys in the stand like few men jumping and shouting out of their vocal boxes. For people, who are used to commentary, it will be as usual, with Hindi commentary by Sidhu and English by Danny. And, we are going to enforce a strict standard of 66% reservation for women in IPL stadiums. We also have planned to convert certain empty rooms in the stadium into green rooms with state-of-the-art makeup equipments for the ladies. “

This announcement, which came yesterday, ended up in massive cheer among the young boys and old men alike. Alok Kumar, a student of Delhi University said, “I once fell in love with a girl while seeing KKR vs MI match in TV. They showed her twice during the match and I fell in love that moment. But, before I could take photo of her, they went back to show that boring match. I was fuming in anger and vowed not to watch IPL ever again. Now, with this move by IPL, I will start watching IPL again.”

Surveys conducted in online newspapers yesterday revealed that viewership of IPL matches in TV will jump to whooping 600% next year due to this brilliant move by BCCI.

Feminist movement have condemned this move by BCCI and blamed the Modi government for its anti-women stand. Savita Kannan, women’s rights leader, said “India always wants to treat women as object. We want the Saudi model, where women will not be treated as visible objects and will be protected from the eyes of sexually perverted gender of human species, that is, men. We want Indian women to go to IPL matches fully veiled asĀ  a mark of protest.”

Stadium managers from the host cities have planned to show women faces in projector in addition to being telecasted in TV channels. Also, various beauty products and several other companies have decided to display ads besides the women faces.

Hindustan Multilever spokeswoman explained this, “See, for example, if a woman looks dark by standards, we will immediately insert the clip of our Fairness cream products ads to be displayed next to the girl’s face. If they show girl without jewels, we will advertise our Jewel showrooms. This way, our advertising medium will regain from its loss to the online market. Once again, direct advertisement will gain grounds.”