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To get players in form, BCCI schedules a mini Ind vs WI series in SA

11, Dec 2013 By chaturchaalaak

Mumbai : BCCI has come out and accepted that it was against the Swadeshi principles of the cricket board to schedule a series outside India.

Abroad trips are not always fun.

The ongoing SA series had proved that we should play cricket only in India so that the revenues stay here and more and more people get direct or indirect employment. Indian bookies have welcomed this move.

Now to correct the mistake, BCCI will schedule a mini India vs WI series in SA, all the matches will be scheduled on the days when India is not playing against the host country.

WI has agreed to abandon the ongoing NZ series as they are looking forward to the IPL with much gusto. On the other hand, NZ knows this will neither make any difference to their ICC ranking nor are they going to win any big ticket series, forget the World Cup.

The BCCI spokesperson said that this series will ensure that we keep making and breaking records. He added, ” If we go by the plan, one of our top order batsmen will make a 250 and 2-3 of our batsmen will score consecutive centuries. Also, one of our spinner, who can’t spin the ball even to save his life, will get a 5 wicket career best haul”.

SA cricket board has welcomed this move, as they don’t have a choice and this will help compensate for the losses they suffered during the recently concluded Pakistan series.

Here are the comments which we got from a few celebrities on this development –

Geoffrey Boycott – ” Even my grand-mother could bat better than the Indian lads in SA, so they need a little West Indian magic to make them feel they can play”

Ravi Shashtri – “Just what the doctor ordered for!”

Virat kohli – “MC BC BCCI, JMD LR”

Digvijay Singh – “Iss mein RSS ka haath hai

Ramiz Raja -“BCCI is a very tough customer”

Average Indian Cricket Fan – “WTF”

Digvijay Singh – “Iski CBI jaanch honi chahiye

Sheila Dixit – “Inko dubara chance kyon diya?