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To counter ‘Sachin’ wave, West Indies appoints Narendra Modi as captain and mentor

11, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Ahmedabad. To try and counter the ‘Sachin’ wave and improve the performance of their struggling team, West Indies cricket board has announced appointment of Narendra Modi as their captain and mentor for the remaining tour of India.

Narendra Modi
Modi diaplayed his happiness after the decision.

“We saw that at the moment there are only two waves that have gripped the country,” said the WICB chief, “one is the Sachin wave and the other NaMo wave. Even when Shillingford befuddles Sachin with a perfect doosra, people still chant Sachin…Sachin. This demotivates our players and was the major reason for our defeat. Now, people will chant NaMo, NaMo when we play well. Who knows, they might even chant it when we play badly.”

Modi is expected to replace Dareen Sammy from their line up for the next match. As per WI coach, Modi is expected to have similar skills in both batting and bowling than the incumbent, maybe even better. Also, when Modi bats, no one will dare to take his wicket, and if he bowls, no one will want to score runs off him, he pointed out.

To increase the buzz around the campaign, it has been decided to sticker all WI bats with ‘NaMo’ and wear bands of Hunkaar. It is expected that irrespective of the state of the match, more than half the Wankhede crowd will chant NaMo, NaMo and swing the match in West Indies’ favor. Having presence of players like Shivnaraine, Deonaraine and Ramdin in their line-up will only increase the crescendo and reverse the fortunes of Mohd Shammi.

If talks with Modi fail, WICB will initiate talks with Rakesh Roshan for a back up to rope in Indian superhero Krissh. After watching the movie, the WICB chief realized that Krissh has the superpower to convert every player into a superhero by wearing black bands and chanting slogans like ‘Me too Krissh’ or ‘Where there is Shami, there is Krissh.’

Pundits believe this is a move to bring in Krissh’s son Rohit in the team as soon as possible, to counter India’s Rohit Sharma.