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To avoid criticism, BCCI wants retired players to donate blood to ‘young blood’ of cricket team

08, Jan 2013 By Gaurav Mittal

Indian cricket team is going through a lean patch and it seems the world cup it won in 2011 was at the price of all subsequent losses it has been facing since then. Cricket critics, who can easily tell you which way ball is swinging after watching replays, are leaving no stone unturned in castigating the team.

Recently, even Suhel Seth, who has opinion on every problem of India and spends six hours every day in newsrooms, was found criticizing the team on a TV channel. He was as usual fuming with anger and tried very hard to be sarcastic using age old jokes. He even called BCCI – Board of Corruption of Cricket in India, which is usually used when there are some newsrooms discussions on allegations of match fixing or some IPL late night parties.

One of the biggest criticisms when senior players – Sachin, Dravid, Laxman, Ganguly and Kumble – were there in team was that they have aged and the old blood should give way to younger blood. When Sachin had not retired from ODI, critics wanted Sachin to retire so badly as if Sachin retirement will bring them provident fund.

And now when all these greats have retired and team is full of young blood, critics are still not satisfied and say the young blood lacks skills and should learn from old blood. The criticism has gone more intense after the recent match with Pakistan in Delhi where Indian young blood collapsed on 167 runs while Sachin scored century in a Ranji trophy game on the same day.

To find a solution and avoid criticism, BCCI has come up with an idea. It will ask senior players to donate blood to younger crickets so that there is a healthy combination of old and young blood in the team. BCCI hopes that this should fix the problem of major point of criticism. Addressing a press conference, BCCI spokesperson said, “This is not new. This is similar to some countries which prepare athletes for Olympics using bio sciences. But it is a brilliant, novel and legitimate solution in cricket and will take Indian cricket to new heights”.

On being asked will there be any screening of senior players because there might be a chance that players such as Vinod Kambali who still cries in newsroom might also want to donate blood, BCCI spokesperson said, “Proper precautions will be taken and proper logic will be applied. For example, Irfan Pathan and Ishant Sharma who have lost their pace dramatically will only get blood from Anil Kumble”.