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Ten Sports to launch "Pro Langdi" in response to Star Sports' "Pro Kabaddi"

20, Jul 2014 By lieability

Ten Sports has revealed its plans to launch “Pro Langdi”, a professional sporting event based on the common Indian game “Langdi” in which a player must hop on a single leg while trying to catch other players. This is in response to Star Sports’ “Pro Kabaddi”, which is going to start on 26th July.

A statement released by Ten Sports read: “Pro Langdi takes our truly indigenous sport of Langdi to levels of new professionalism, which will benefit all stakeholders involved in the ecosystem of the game, Langdi, and most of all, the players themselves, who will become the new role models for the youth of India.


This bold step will highlight the new, modern, international and competitive face of Langdi throughout the length and breadth of the country, and beyond. This unique effort has the formal backing by the Men’s International Langdi Federation (MILF), the Asian Langdi Federation (ALF) & the Amateur Langdi Federation of India (ALFI), who will be closely associated with the organization and delivery of this event.”

Inside sources have informed Faking News that Pro Pakda-Pakdi and Pro Luppa-Chuppi were also taken into consideration before they finally settled on Pro Langdi. The Ten Sports network’s TRP is at an all time low. Having lost the broadcasting rights of all the major sports events worth watching to Star and Sony, it has now been left with only the infamous I-League and the UEFA Champions League, to which experts believe it will soon lose the rights.

The entire country is excited about this event as they will get to see champions from all countries play in one event. Fans have taken to twitter with “#LifeIsLangdi” and are being criticized by Pro Kabaddi enthusiasts for copying them.

Rahul Gandhi woke up from his deep slumber to respond to this new development. “Langdi is a game played by all the little girls of this country. Transforming it into a professional event is crucial for the empowerment of women in this country. Even Chhota Bheem plays Langdi. I completely support this attempt by the Ten Network.”

Arvind Kejriwal has opposed this move by the Ten Network. In his accusation he said, “Bidding? Yahi toh scam hai!  Tell me how Yuvraj Singh can get 14 crores in IPL auction? There is no logical explanation for that. Bidding means corruption.” When informed of Rahul Gandhi’s endorsement of Pro Langdi by our reporters, Kejriwal responded by saying, “This support by Rahul Gandhi is like the outside support Congress gave Aam Aaadmi Party when we formed a government in Delhi.”

Meanwhile, Mr. N. Srinivasan, in a super exclusive interview with Faking News, claimed to know nothing about these events. “Pro Kabaddi? Pro Langdi? I have no interest in these minor events. I want to assure all Indians that my complete focus is on the next World Cup.”

It is also reported that Akshay Kumar’s upcoming movie, “It’s Entertainment” will be the sponsor for Pro Langdi. Star Sports chairman in a press conference said, “It is ironic that a sporting event has its sponsor as ‘It’s Entertainment’. This shows that it is not worthy of the Pro title. And I also believe that Bhai’s popularity will keep us ahead of the curve.”

Our sources tell us that all major broadcasting companies are exploring new ideas for sporting events. Special teams are being put together to find the most creative and different idea that will set them apart from their competitors. It is believed that Sony Six will get the green light from the Board of Directors for Pro Chiddhiya Udd in the next 24 hours.