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Team India set to bowl underarm in the upcoming world cup

04, Feb 2014 By mohitnatoo

Auckland. Days before India take on New Zealand in the two match test series, Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, in his press conference, let out his strategy of bowling underarm in the upcoming world cup.

Low investment and high return

MS Dhoni was put forward the question of why Team India have been faltering badly in bowling department to which the world cup winning captain explained, ¬†“The bowlers have not been able to bowl in right areas. Also the speed is a factor. Our bowlers are not very fast and we don’t make use of the conditions here.”

When asked about what he was going to do in order to avoid the runs scored in the death overs, Mahi replied, “You know, most of the runs scored in the death over are from the sixes in recent past. Our bowlers have given their best from trying to improve their bowling length and have finally given up.”

Indian team has a long tour abroad post IPL after which the cricketing world goes down under for the world cup, there are high amount of worries for the team considering their recent performances.

But captain cool, in his own calmness reveale, “We shall bowl underarm in the world cup. Then there shall be no question of line and length. Also there shall practically be no six hitting against us. We shall thereby, perhaps, be the only team who will not have conceded a six.”

Also when criticised that the wickets that Indian bowlers have fetched recently are not the genuine bowler dismissals, MSD threw back saying, “Now there will not be any catches in the deep. If at all the bowler gets the wicket, it’ll either be bowled or lbw.”

And it is not just about the bowlers. MSD wishes to play 11 batsmen in the team because bowling underarm doesn’t require the presence of any specialist bowler in the team.

“Our strength has always been batting. And over a decade we have always played part-time bowlers. Now it’s time we convert them into full time bowlers and bring new faces to the team. Also, it was my long time desire to be able to bowl 10 overs in an ODI match. Perhaps this will come true this world cup as we can have any random player keeping the wickets just to stop my underarms.”

Listening to Dhoni’s words former Indian coach Greg Chappel has commented saying, “This was a secret coaching I had given to MS before I retired. This was how I avoided a defeat asking Trevor bowl an underarm ball”.

Faking news reporters have let us know that Cricket Australia absolutely has no issues with MSD’s strategies because they are afraid the BCCI would withdraw Team India’s participation from the world cup and thereby not attract crowd the the world cup matches now that ICC revamp is also in process.