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Team India gets Congress' battleplan for elections, loses another series overseas

02, Feb 2014 By psychodas

Mumbai: While most of the enthusiastic cricket fans were busy mourning for yet another ODI series loss in overseas series for Team India. Faking News learns the real reason behind this defeat. In a shocking revelation by BCCI spokesperson speaking to media persons here today evening, we understand that MSD and his comrades were handed over wrong copies of team strategy.

MS Dhoni
MSD stunned after knowing about the goof up

As it turns out, those were actually Congress’ battle plans for elections in Gujarat. Congress sees as Gujarat as a foreign soil, as most of the things Congress has successfully employed elsewhere in India such as bribing the voters, divide-and-rule, promises for reservations, proclaiming to be secular hasn’t worked in Gujarat for 3 consecutive elections.

Congress’ documents talked about green fields in Gujarat, which MSD and his team might have confused for the green wickets prepared overseas. Also, those documents spoke in great detail about not giving an ear to the opposition, which might have been mistaken for alleged sledging that goes on during the play. As we all know that these plans didn’t work for Gujarat in last ten years, we can now at least stop blaming Team India for yet another series and focus on the real culprit.

For which, BCCI is still confused as how these documents could have reached MSD and think tank of Team India instead of the original ones. However, for the actual revelations we might have to wait few more days and Congress is busy clearing the turmoil that followed after it’s party vice-president frankly spoke on national television.