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Team India apologizes to the nation for the Lords win

20, Aug 2014 By tanveerulhak

London:  Indian Skipper M S Dhoni has apologized to the nation for the Lords win. Dhoni said a lot of hard work and a billion prayers have gone into achieving the title of “Faithful husbands” by the Indian team. The team tried its best not to perform away from home and not to tinker with the hard earned title, but lords win was not a deliberate attempt.

“It is never an easy task to achieve the numbers 4-0, 4-0, 1-0, 1-0 and 3-1 in places like England, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand, but we put in a lot of hard work and effort to achieve these numbers, despite being the no. 1 test team from 2009 to 2012,” said Dhoni.

In today’s world that is obsessed with feminism, we don’t often see men getting any titles, but despite all that the team managed to achieve the title of “faithful husbands” by continuously performing only at home.

“But as I said it is the game of cricket, no matter how hard you try, it is just a matter of one good spell by a bowler that can ruin your plans.” Said Dhoni , while pointing to Ishant Sharma.

“Yes, I blame myself for the lords win as I bought in Ishant Sharma for that HISTORIC spell. Who would have imagined what he did? It was a shocker not only to the English batsmen but to team India too” asked a surprised Dhoni.

“Ishant bowled short and aggressively with the old ball, produced one of the most unexpected spells in the history of our fast bowling to destroy England’s resistance and made us win the test. But, I hardly expected him to perform the way he did”

The 95-run victory an hour before tea on the final day at Lords, ended a run of more than three years without an overseas Test victory.

“It took us 3 complete years to win the title, which is now very close to our heart, but it was Ishant who tried to dent with the title and play with our emotions.”

Dhoni added that, the team management does not take such unexpected performances easily and some tough questions have been asked to Ishant in the team meetings. Not able to come up with any specific reason for bowling that sell, Ishant has been unable convince the team management for that kind of performance.

On being asked the reason for sidelining Ishant from the Southampton and Manchester matches Dhoni said:  “The team management wanted to send a strong message among the players that such unexpected performances will not be tolerated. That is why Ishant was dropped from the playing 11 in the following 2 tests on the pretext of fitness. Otherwise all of us know that the injury is still a mystery that is yet to be explained to the board or to the media. We wanted to make it clear to everyone in the dressing room that how important is the title “Faithful Husbands” to us”

Dhoni said that the team had other players too who wanted to win the series and made their intentions clear in the first two tests, the team management had to warn the players before the 3rd test for their behavior. Hinting at Bhuvi’s unexpected but amazing batting in his first four innings, Dohni said one can’t be a tailender and bat like a no. 3 all the time. Everyone has a role to play and they ought to stick to their role.

Apologizing to the nation for the Lords win, Dhoni said he is sure that after their performance in the last 3 tests they will not be deprived of the title “faithful husbands” by the fans back home, because one can’t judge a team on the performance in a single match.

“We have tried our best to meet the expectations of our fans, and knowing the large heartedness of our fans we are sure they have forgiven us after our 3 consecutive losses.”

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