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Taking cue from the ECB, the FA sacks England striker Wayne Rooney

17, Jun 2014 By Nikunj Parasar

The Football Association(FA), England late last night decided to terminate the contract of England striker Wayne Rooney, after a shocking miss in the game against Italy. Never having scored in a World Cup match, he was pushed out of the England setup for allegedly spoiling the dressing room environment, like his counterpart Kevin Pieterson.

Wayne Rooney after missing the target against Italy.

The FA chairman, Greg Dyke, reportedly had a clandestine meeting with ECB chairman, Giles Clarke, to discuss the different ways with which the English striker could be sacked. Both of them finally agreed to the reason of ‘moving on and building the future’. Surprisingly, England manager Roy Hodgson, who selected the 23-man squad had no idea of this recent development when asked for a comment.

The FA in its statement said, “Wayne Rooney was England’s best player on the pitch. The only goal scored was created by him. Because the England fans thrashed Rooney for shooting like Fernando Torres and because we would be rebuilding our future team(like the England Cricket team), the FA is now terminating the contract of Wayne Rooney.”

Kevin Pieterson, already at loggerheads with ECB has spoken out against the FA. He claims Wayne Rooney was sacked because he was too “close” to him. We believe KP has not yet recovered from his contract termination saga yet. KP is flying out to Brazil to advice Rooney on how to go about trying to get in to the team again. Piers Morgan, the unemployed journalist, who is carrying out the #BringBackKP campaign is also reportedly joining them in Brazil. With both of them advising Rooney, the England striker should certainly kiss his England career goodbye.

Piers Morgan tweets in support of Wayne Rooney.

Wayne Rooney, though, was rather happy about his sacking (as reported by our sources). He heaved a sigh of relief now that he would not be under any pressure to score anytime soon in the World Cup. He was quoted as saying, “Glory Glory Man United. I’ll try to get a £400,000 deal from the club this year.” He left Brazil hurriedly before KP or Piers Morgan could reach him and is now nowhere to be found.