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Tailenders from England and India feature in new ad promoting Trent Bridge cricket ground

15, Jul 2014 By jaykalp

In light of the recent exploits by the tailenders at Nottingham, the ECB has released a new ad for the Trent Bridge Ground. This ad has been exclusively released on  TLC, also known as The Ludicrous Channel. This brand new ad features the likes of Mohammad Shami, Bhuvaneswar Kumar, James Anderson and Ashton Agar .

In the very first shot, Jimmy Anderson claims this, “I used to be very puzzled by my lack of runs at number 11. It baffled me that batsmen batting at positions higher than mine made runs and I didn’t. In the last match I played, I made a duck off 55 balls. I was very depressed. And then, they scheduled a match at Trent Bridge and my whole world changed. I made a fifty for the first time in 95 matches and I am very happy today.”

Anderson moved to tears before playing at Nottingham, while talking to Atherton(the most successful batsman at Nottingham)as he felt he had let Atherton down. The pic on right shows Anderson jubilant after he played at Nottingham.

Ashton Agar, who shared a 163 run partnership for the 10th wicket with Phil Hughes last year at the very same ground claims the same. When our correspondent contacted him, this is what he said, “As a 19 year old trying to make it large is very difficult not to mention it is illegal in some parts of the world.”

When reminded that we were talking about cricket, he said that his batting average in test matches is all courtesy of Trent Bridge Cricket Ground. He also said that he would be able to get his Test batting average of 32.50 up to his bowling average (which currently is 124) if only they let him play more at Nottingham.

Bhuvaneshwar Kumar and Mohammad Shami when contacted said the following, “Pehle main bahut niraash raha kartaa tha. Main hazaar koshishon ke baad bhi runs nahi banaa paa raha tha. Fir main khela Nottingham mein. Aur meri toh jaise duniyaa hi badal gayi. Maine uss match mein pachaas run kiye aur abb main bahut khush hoon.

Our non-hindi readers can ignore this as it is the Hindi translation of what James Anderson said.

When we contacted the curator of Trent Bridge , he started apologizing profusely. When we said that we weren’t from the English Cricket Team, he calmed down .  When asked about the ad, he said that he didn’t know about it but commented that he had made this pitch for tail enders and all those who are making runs here should bat down the order.

Meanwhile, when we tried contacting Murali Vijay and Joe Root on what the curator had said, they declined to comment. The latest news is that the curator is writing yet another apology statement.