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Swiss banks to freeze all accounts of Bengal origin, in retaliation to their overwhelming support to Argentina

02, Jul 2014 By prvn012

It’s all done and dusted. Amidst the India politicians promising to get back the black money stacked in Swiss banks and Arnab’s unwavering questions to the Nation, just when the people gave up, netas and the bada baabus sighed a relief, hell broke loose.

Messi Supporters
A glimpse of madness.

Needless to say, all the Bengal supports Argentina, for a vague unfathomed reason. As soon as Messi assisted a goal in the final minutes of extra time, who cares about the goal scorer, the Bengal skies were skittered with fireworks and the roads in Kolkata were filled with the youth celebrating. The magnitude of this celebration was to that extent that a fan back in Argentina quoted, “I hail the Indians, we would have never celebrated in such a manner when India wins a world cup. I still don’t understand what prompted the Bengalis to support us to this extent.”  The ongoing melee in Argentina seemed puny when compared to the streets in Bengal.

This raged the Swiss, and the anonymous President of the Swiss Bankers Association, himself depressed for the loss was furious at the Bengali celebrations. He could no longer watch Headlines today’s live relay from the Howrah bridge, with Chak de playing in the background and the people shouting Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo.

In a fit of rage, he issued a statement early in the morning that he shall disclose all the account details and when he realized the celebrations have not yet subsided in the morning, he added, that all the accounts are being freezed for non-adherence to policies.

The news was all over media and the list included only the people form Bengal.  Didi immediately responded and shot back saying, Swiss is a communal country and we shouldn’t have parked our money there, when prodded from behind, she corrected saying the Swiss has no right to use any of the Bengali names in whatsoever the list they want to publish. She imposed ban on all the Swiss watches, taking effect immediately and also barred Roger Federer from entering the state. Also she reassured the communal forces of any sort would be kept at bay and mumbled away.

Meanwhile Arnab is seen hollering at the Swiss, for being subjective, evidently unimpressed with the magnitude of the list and the numbers, also questioning the reasons for holding back the information for all these years, demanding the Swiss nation for an answer.

Rahul on the other side is seen vying hard with his laptop to find something in Google, eventually gave up and called Digvijay asking, “Diggu, when is Italy’s next match?”