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Suresh Raina welcomes all with his bouncers

06, Apr 2015 By abishekbb

Suresh Raina gets married to his childhood friend Priyanka. Hearty congratulations to him. Wish him all the best for his post marriage cricket stint in India. Raina to N Srinivasan, “Hey Mama. Thanks for coming. But you denied me an opportunity to present WorldCup to my wife.” Dhoni interrupts, “I thought I could pour milk on World cup and Ziva could use it.”

Srinivasan gets disappointed, arranges a series against Sri Lanka as a gift to these cricketers. Irfan Pathan comes there, goes up to these great celebrities, “World cup over? I did not know. I must have been bowling ”.

Virat Kohli wishes Raina on phone, tries to give advices on post marriage cricket stint.  Dhoni interrupts and says “Just give a statement to press that Priyanka can wait and IPL cant. That would please all Indian fans. And when you don’t play well, cricket fans would say, “Raina bhai played IPL without spending time with his wife and he is more passionate. So we must respect him”.

Sehwag listens to this conversation, calls Gautam Gambhir.

Sehwag: “Hello..” Gambhir: “We are defending champions of IPL” Sehwag: “How are you?” Gambhir: “We are defending champions of IPL” Sehwag: “OK. bye” Gambhir: “We are defending champions of IPL”

Dwayne Bravo comes with his typical suit, says, “I thought World cup were warm up matches to IPL” and starts dancing, Ashwin joins too. Brendon, meanwhile prepares an open letter to Pune Warriors fans to support CSK in IPL.

I hope you enjoy IPL but not as much as World cup.