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Suresh Raina becomes brand ambassador for NREGA

26, Nov 2013 By dilbesh

Vishakhapatanam: Dashing Indian batsman Suresh Raina was selected as brand ambassador for NREGA scheme on Sunday.

Happy Raina.
Finally, a relieved man.

UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi commented in Delhi that his long standing status in the Indian team as a person whose employment was guaranteed for a minimum number of days in a season made him the best candidate for this job.

She said his case is one of the best examples to prove that NREGA scheme benefits people who may otherwise find it difficult to be productively employed if left alone to fend for themselves in a competitive job market.

Competition for the spot was fierce with Ravindra Jadeja coming a very close second in the final screening process. He was unavailable for comments at the moment but is known to have told  a team mate that he was as qualified as Raina for this post and was being unfairly treated. He claimed that captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni also agrees with him and this issue will be raised in the next CSK team meeting.

Cricket lovers in the country largely welcomed the news and many of them sympathised with Jadeja. A few people took out a protest march in Ram Leela maidan demanding similar recognition for Ishant Sharma who continues to benefit from this scheme and got selected for India’s tour to South Africa.