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Supreme Court orders management change at WWE after match-fixing reports

30, Apr 2014 By tsiwach

The Supreme Court of India has ordered a reshuffle of WWE top management. Maintheek Krunga, a senior Judge at SCI took suo motu action after some reports suggested max fixing is prevalent during WWE matches.

He expressed his views on the judgement, “Integrity of sports is of paramount importance. Fans must believe that what they see on the field represents a true test of competitors’ abilities. Otherwise, they will start ignoring sports leading to a weak nation.”


Later, off the record, he confided to the FN reporter, “A precedent had already been set with the BCCI judgement, so we could not ignore WWE. As you know, majority of court cases are decided based on precedents from earlier rulings.”

Suspicions about match fixing in WWE had risen few months ago, when Jimmy Hart beat The Giant during the Royal Rumble 2014. Following the standard process, CAG had been appointed to verify these suspicions using an objective numerical approach. Earlier this week, CAG submitted its report to the court.

Excerpts from this report, a copy of which is with FN, are as follows. “Jimmy Hart is 5 feet, 9 inches and weighs 162 pounds. The Giant is 7 feet 4 inches and weighs 430 pounds. Therefore, the match fixing suspicions are confirmed”

The ruling has generated mixed reactions. Many parent have hailed this historic judgement.

Pareshan Sharma, a father of two young boys said he’s very excited. “My kids can now move on from watching senseless brutality of WWE to more educational programs like ‘Chota Bheem’.” His wife added that she always had trouble forcing her kids to eat healthy food like laddoos, but those worries will disappear now.

The kids, however, are less than ecstatic. Bambam, an 8 year old was crestfallen, “Few months ago, I learned that Santa Claus is not real. Now this! Who am I supposed to look up to now?”

After sending Michael Hayes to jail, the court is still in the process of advocating who should lead WWE now. Many contenders for the post are being considered, but the grapevine is that Khali will likely take over these responsibilities.

It is expected that he will be more effective leading the change at WWE compared to Gavaskar leading BCCI, because of his sheer presence. When our FN reporter approached Khali, he declined to confirm or deny the rumors because the questions were posed in english.

Rumors are also rife that two of the most popular sports in India, cricket and WWE, may combine into a single entity.

Gavaskar and Khali both confirmed that the inner workings of BCCI and WWE are very similar, which is why both of them are pre-fixed to provide non-stop entertainment to the fans.

Gavaskar added, “Synergies exist in the three most important departments of both sports: creative writing, post-production, and cheerleading”. However, Gavaskar refused a request to stand next to Khali for a photo-op.